Wedding Arch

Do-It-Yourself Decorations for the Arch

People often opt for a theme which complements their wedding’s season. Thus, you should arrange for decorative pieces like flowers that would best represent the season. In addition, both beach and destination weddings feature unique themes. You can also buy artificial arches for which you will decorate the frame on your own. Here are some arch decoration options:

• You should have a great collection of various flowers to get rid of running out of them while you are decorating. Some of the ideal flowers for arches include casa lilies, heleniums, roses, chrysanthemums and hydrangea. Colors such as blue, yellow, pink and white can be matched up based on the season. Using threads and wires, fresh flowers can be attached securely to the arch. You may also consider using hanging bouquets for the arch.

• Apart from flowers, you must also add some leaves and various vines. A wedding ceremony’s ambiance can be more beautified by fresh conifers, for example. Many different patterns of vines and leaves can be purchased from floral shops. Usually, vines are entwined around the arch’s stem and top.

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