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These structures are called a lot of different names.  Commonly referred to as a wedding arch, wedding arbor, or wedding chuppah (or huppah).  Start by deciding if you want an arch (2 legged) or a chuppah (4 legged) structure.  

Wedding Arch / Arbor

A two-legged structure that the couple stands in front of.  Commonly used as a centerpiece for outdoor weddings. 

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Wedding Chuppah

A four-legged structure typically used in Jewish weddings, though now becoming popular regardless of faith.  A fabric canopy is optional. 

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Did you know?

  • Over 50,000 weddings each year use a wedding arch or chuppah.
  • Wedding arches, chuppahs and mandaps are used in both religious and secular weddings. 
  • Chuppahs are in highest demand in New York, New Jersey, DC, Massachusetts, & Maryland.