Some things to think about before you book…

We have been providing wedding arches to couples for years, so we’ve learned a few things along the way that might help you out.

Rain Contingency Plan

We always say, “hope is not a plan.” Think about a rain contingency plan. If you plan to move your ceremony inside, it will obviously affect your arch / chuppah setup, so please let us know in advance what your rain contingency plan might be.

Scout your location and take pictures.

If you can take pictures of the location and tell us exactly where to set up and which direction your arch / chuppah should be facing that will allow us to get right to work upon arrival rather than waiting for someone from your wedding party to meet us and give us these simple instructions. A photo or even a simple map (google maps or hand-written) is better than nothing!

Floral Arrangements.

We may be able to suggest a florist to decorate your arch or chuppah, but our services do not include decor. No two weddings are alike and flowers or fabric are perfect ways to put an individual touch on your arch or chuppah.

If you’re doing a do-it-yourself setup, don’t forget the zip ties / twine / etc!